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18 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
EU visits Afghan refugees in Iran

The European Commission’s humanitarian branch visited Iran over the last ten days, in order to obtain a first-hand and updated understanding of the context...

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16 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR report charts progress against Global Compact on Refugees

A new report released today by UNHCR shows how far the international community has come since it called for the development of a new international framework...

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02 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Amid COVID disruptions, Afghan refugee women are stepping forward into business

In Pakistan, enterprising Afghan refugee women are stepping forward to support their families, learn skills and run small businesses...

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02 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR begins airlifting aid to Kabul

A plane carrying winter relief from the UN Refugee Agency’s global stockpiles in Dubai is landing this afternoon in Kabul, Afghanistan...

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29 September 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Afghan refugee doctor dares women and girls to dream

Doctor Saleema Rehman is the regional winner for Asia for UNHCR’s annual Nansen Refugee Award for her dedication to promoting girls’ education...

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06 August 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
A test of speed, strength, skill and horsemanship

Haji Gada Muhammed sits on a cushion in a splendid white parahan tunban, a traditional Afghan long-shirt and loosely plaited trousers made of linen...

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16 July 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Skills training builds futures for refugees and Pakistanis alike

In Quetta, Pakistan, Nida and her fellow trainees are gaining vocational skills, equipping them to take advantage of new livelihoods opportunities...

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13 July 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR warns of imminent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

UNHCR is warning of a looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan as the escalating conflict brings increased human suffering and civilian displacement...

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08 June 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Iran policy change gives refugees access to banking services

UNHCR welcomes the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s recent move to formalize access to banking services – including debit cards...

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