Afghanistan Emergency

Today, some 18 million Afghans are estimated to be in need of humanitarian aid. Living conditions have been eroded by decades of conflict, recurrent natural disasters, economic stagnation and under-investment in critical infrastructure and human resources. This situation was exacerbated by intensified conflict in 2021 and the continued threat of COVID-19.

Photo: UNHCR

Afghanistan is experiencing a humanitarian emergency due to multiple factors, including conflict, climate impact, food insecurity, and economic downturn. Over half a million people have been internally displaced in 2021 alone – joining some 3.5 million people who were previously displaced due to conflict before the start of the year.

The resilience of people in Afghanistan is stretched, with internally displaced people among the most vulnerable.

The imperative is to address the immediate and pre-existing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, which cannot wait for the resolution of other issues – and the Support Platform is the framework for such support.

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