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2023 Multi-Stakeholder Pledge for the Afghanistan Situation - ReSolve: for Resilience and Solutions

August 2023  |  Source: UNHCR
Category: Document

With 24.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and more than nine in ten living in poverty, Afghanistan is in the midst of a crisis on an unprecedented scale. The neighbouring Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan, meanwhile, have been hosting Afghan refugees for over four decades, and today are the second and fifth largest refugee countries in the world. 

A new multi-stakeholder pledge for the Afghanistan Situation ‘ReSolve: for Resilience and Solutions’ provides the international community the opportunity to put the Global compact’s principle of burden and responsibility-sharing into practice. ‘ReSolve’ provides a range of pledge options in line with the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees and the United Nations Strategic Framework for Afghanistan to expand solutions and enhance the resilience of Afghans in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan and the communities hosting them.