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10 April 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR and WFP help refugee children stay in school and reach for their dreams

UNHCR and WFP help refugee children stay in school and reach for their dreams...

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8 April 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
Beekeeping by Afghan refugees helps boost Pakistan's honey business

High in Pakistan's rolling hills, a mountain valley is a refuge not only for bees, but also refugees from Afghanistan...

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23 March 2022  |  Source: UNDP
Cash-for-work schemes build a road to resilience for Afghans

Displaced by conflict, 35-year-old Jailan has been out of work these last few weeks. Like most people in Afghanistan, he is struggling to earn a living as a consequence of...

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17 March 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
UN High Commissioner for Refugees appeals for global engagement to address Afghanistan's needs

Declaring that the world must deliver sustained support to the people of Afghanistan, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, appealed for robust assistance...

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8 March 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
Afghan refugee psychiatrist offering care in local community in Pakistan

Using her personal experiences and training, Dr. Silsila Sherzad helps to heal mental trauma among refugees and Pakistanis in Quetta, Pakistan...

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17 February 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
Afghan refugee removes obstacles barring kids with disabilities from school

In Pakistan, Jamil provides wheelchairs to get refugees with disabilities into the classroom and give them a shot at a future...

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3 February 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
Statement by Indrika Ratwatte, UNHCR Asia Director, to the Canadian House of Commons' Special Committee on Afghanistan

Since the events of last August, UNHCR and other organizations working on the ground have been warning of a humanitarian catastrophe...

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19 January 2022  |  Source: European Union
Coronavirus: Over 2.2 million vaccine doses delivered to Afghan refugees in Iran

Over 2.2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses arrived in Iran to ensure the protection of Afghan refugees residing in the country...

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11 January 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
OCHA/UNHCR press release on the launch of the 2022 Afghanistan Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and the Afghanistan Situation Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP)

The United Nations and non-governmental organizations will today launch joint response plans aiming to deliver vital humanitarian relief...

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10 January 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
Displaced Afghan families return to destruction and hunger in Helmand

Economic collapse and drought mean that tens of thousands of displaced Afghans who have returned home are facing severe hunger this winter...

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4 January 2022  |  Source: UNHCR
Pakistan concludes 'drive' to issue smartcards to registered Afghan refugees

UNHCR commends the Government of Pakistan for its country-wide campaign to verify and update the data of some 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees...

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16 December 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Displaced families in Kabul caught in downward spiral

Months after fleeing to Afghanistan’s capital, aid is the only lifeline for many displaced families trying to survive a winter of soaring unemployment and food costs...

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6 December 2021  |  Source: MADE51
Chloe x MADE51: Celebrating Afghan Heritage & Skills

Starting with Chloé's '22 Spring/Summer collection, Chloé is engaging refugee women to produce components that are incorporated into their products...

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3 December 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR highlights urgent needs of forcibly displaced in Afghanistan as winter bites

UNHCR is appealing for much more support amid acute and rising humanitarian needs for 3.5 million people displaced by conflict inside Afghanistan...

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18 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR urges Tajikistan to halt returns of Afghans at risk

UNHCR is alarmed at the deportation of Afghan asylum-seekers by the Tajik authorities this week. 11 men, women and children were forcibly returned to Afghanistan...

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18 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
EU visits Afghan refugees in Iran

The European Commission’s humanitarian branch visited Iran over the last ten days, in order to obtain a first-hand and updated understanding of the context...

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16 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR report charts progress against Global Compact on Refugees

A new report released today by UNHCR shows how far the international community has come since it called for the development of a new international framework...

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2 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Amid COVID disruptions, Afghan refugee women are stepping forward into business

In Pakistan, enterprising Afghan refugee women are stepping forward to support their families, learn skills and run small businesses...

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2 November 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR begins airlifting aid to Kabul

A plane carrying winter relief from the UN Refugee Agency’s global stockpiles in Dubai is landing this afternoon in Kabul, Afghanistan...

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29 September 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Afghan refugee doctor dares women and girls to dream

Doctor Saleema Rehman is the regional winner for Asia for UNHCR’s annual Nansen Refugee Award for her dedication to promoting girls’ education...

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6 August 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
A test of speed, strength, skill and horsemanship

Haji Gada Muhammed sits on a cushion in a splendid white parahan tunban, a traditional Afghan long-shirt and loosely plaited trousers made of linen...

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16 July 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Skills training builds futures for refugees and Pakistanis alike

In Quetta, Pakistan, Nida and her fellow trainees are gaining vocational skills, equipping them to take advantage of new livelihoods opportunities...

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13 July 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR warns of imminent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

UNHCR is warning of a looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan as the escalating conflict brings increased human suffering and civilian displacement...

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8 June 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Iran policy change gives refugees access to banking services

UNHCR welcomes the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s recent move to formalize access to banking services – including debit cards...

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31 May 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Apprentices become partners as Afghan refugee and Iranian team up

After vocational training with UNHCR, auto apprentice Abbas met intern Danial and the two launched their own repair shop employing refugees...

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31 May 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Renewed commitment needed to support displaced Afghans and their hosts

UNHCR is calling for a renewed commitment from the international community to stand in solidarity with millions of Afghans...

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27 May 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR calls for continued engagement and increased support for Afghanistan

UNHCR is calling for greater support from the international community for Afghanistan’s people, including those displaced...

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25 May 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Government of Pakistan delivers first new biometric identity smartcards to Afghan refugees

Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) issued today the first new biometric identity smartcards...

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15 April 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
Pakistan launches ‘drive’ to issue smartcards to registered Afghan refugees

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, welcomes the launch today of a country-wide campaign in Pakistan to verify and update the data...

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6 April 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
120,000 refugees assisted to access Iran’s health insurance scheme

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect refugees and host communities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, UNHCR...

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29 March 2021  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR: Stabilization will require increased support for Afghanistan’s returning refugees

UNHCR is urging stronger investment in Afghanistan as the country stands before a critical juncture for peace and development...

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3 July 2020  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR urges investment in Afghan displacement situation to achieve a decade of hope not despair

UNHCR is calling for targeted investments inside Afghanistan and in refugee-hosting Iran and Pakistan...

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14 April 2020  |  Source: UNHCR
Coronavirus – Now is not the time to forget Afghanistan and its neighbours

UNHCR urges greater support to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic...

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11 February 2020  |  Source: UNHCR
Four decades and counting: An urgent need to rekindle hope for millions of Afghan refugees

UNHCR is calling on the world not to let hope fade for millions of displaced Afghans...

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16 December 2019  |  Source: UNHCR
Ending the Afghan exile

Some 2.7 million Afghans live as refugees abroad. Their future depends on solidarity and action today...

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13 December 2019  |  Source: UNHCR
UNHCR urges intensified support for displaced Afghans and refugee hosting nations

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is appealing for intensified support for displaced Afghans and their hosting communities...

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6 December 2019  |  Source: UNHCR
More support needed for refugee education in Iran

UNHCR welcomes Iran’s efforts to extend education opportunities for nearly half a million Afghan children in the country...

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